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undefinedHave you ever wondered why you cannot reproduce the same level of performance on the golf course as you do on the practice area? 

Why does playing golf how you want seem so hard?

The traditional and current culture of golf instruction concerns itself almost solely with the subject of swing mechanics and technique. It promises such things as greater distance or the perfect swing. This leads golfers to think and believe that this is the only part of the game of golf that matters. This is simply not true. Players with technically perfect swings still hit bad shots and they always will.  

Playing the game of golf is far more involved than only having good technique. Unfortunately, golfers are being taught only part of the game and not what is necessary to raise their level of performance or their level of enjoyment.

My philosophy is different and my aim is to help you learn how to play the game and move the focus of attention from swing mechanics to you the individual and consider every element of your game. My philosophy incorporates all of these elements and a number of "non-negotiable skills" that are essential for golfers seeking to achieve their performance potential and their desired level of enjoyment. These skills can be evaluated, prioritized and personalized for each golfer bearing in mind their individual characteristics, abilities and desires. How this is achieved is entirely dependent on the individual. More details are available on the Overview and Philosophy section of the website.

Using my philosophy, I promise to make you a better player of the game. My objective is to ensure that you learn the "skillsets and mindsets" that you personally need and require to "play golf" and not the traditional and outdated thoeries that do not give you what you want and serve only to add to your confusion and frustration when playing this wonderful game. 

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Together we can change the way you think, feel and play the game. 

Best wishes,

Paul Tolley

Director of Performance Golf Coaching,

Master Teaching Professional

Master Instructor 

Visual Skills Coach,

Golf Psychology and Performance Coach.

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